Last Chance: 35% OFF GoDaddy SSL Coupon Codes Dec 2018

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This is the last chance for get the best GoDaddy SSL coupon 35% OFF in 2018. It may be expired in this week. You can buy SSL more than five years at a time, future may not be like this promo code, have fun. Special offer – SSL Certificates 35%* OFF use below GoDaddy coupon!

35% OFF GoDaddy SSL

35%* OFF GoDaddy SSL Coupon Dec 2018

Note: You can purchase SSL Certificates multiple years a time, There is no SSL renewal coupon for you.

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Cheap SSL purchase, Valid from Dec 01 to Dec 30, 2017

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Expired GoDaddy SSL Coupon

gd4914cSave 39%* OFF SSL Certificates, Ends Sep 30, 2016.

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35%* OFF GoDaddy SSL Coupon Details:

SPECIAL OFFER! Secure Certificate offer! SSL Certificates — 35%* OFF!
After the initial purchase term, discounted products will renew at the then-current renewal list price.
Your discount will be applied in your shopping cart.

What are SSL Certificates?

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates the identity of a website and encrypts information sent to the server using SSL technology. Encryption is the process of scrambling data into an undecipherable format that can only be returned to a readable format with the proper decryption key.

A certificate serves as an electronic “passport” that establishes an online entity’s credentials when doing business on the Web. When an Internet user attempts to send confidential information to a Web server, the user’s browser accesses the server’s digital certificate and establishes a secure connection.

An SSL certificate contains the following information:

  • The certificate holder’s name
  • The certificate’s serial number and expiration date
  • A copy of the certificate holder’s public key
  • The digital signature of the certificate-issuing authority

To find product information, please see GoDaddy’s SSL Certificate page.

Which SSL do you need?

Some websites or server configurations require a specific type of SSL. Use below questions as a guideline to help you determine which SSL you should use.

  • Where are you located?
  • Is this for a business or a personal website?
  • Which type of server or Web hosting do you use?
  • How many unique domains do you want to secure with HTTPS?

If you want to known more about above’s questions, please click here

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  1. david arnoff says:

    your codes “iap999ssl” don’t work. i was trying to buy a ssl, godaddy will not approve your code?

    • admin says:

      @david arnoff Coupon code has expired

      • Travis says:

        @admin Any chance you have an October version? I can’t seem to find one online.

        • Irene Millan says:

          @Travis You can try the 35% off coupon “cjcnew2” at godaddy.

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