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GoDaddy Renewal Coupon Codes for November 2014

Posts by Irene on Nov 17, 2014 | 108 Comments

(Last updated in December, 2014)

Would you looking for GoDaddy renewal coupon codes to renew GoDaddy’s domain name, web hosting, SSL and more other products with low price?
If so, use below GoDaddy coupon when you buy services at

Best GoDaddy coupon for all new orders(Hosting, SSL…): 33% OFF

GoDaddy Renewal Coupon

Almost all of the GoDaddy renewal coupons are not available in Nov 2014.
Try below coupon now

35ren314– 35% OFF when renewal domains (.COM only $9.74, .NET only $11.04…), Expired sep 2014

gd4923a– Renew your .com domain for just $7.99/yr, Expired sep 2014

acosks65 – Save $10 off for order of $50+(Domain,Hosting)renewal

Note: You can use this coupon to renew All products(Domain, SSL, Hosting…) for multiple years.

CJCRMN3333% OFF($60.29/year) for Join Discount Domain Club!

You can join the “Discount Domain Club”to renew domain with discount price, The price for
.COM renewal just $8.29/year,
.NET renewal just $7.99/year,
.ORG renewal just $8.99/year,
.CO renewal just 24.99/year.

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cjc30cSave 30% OFF All New Products in Nov 2014

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GoDaddy Domain Coupon Nov 2014

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cjc599v$5.99/year .COMs ( get up to 5 at this price ).

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GoDaddy SSL & Hosting Coupon Nov 2014

acosks65 – Save $10 off for your renewal order of $50 or more

Note:You can purchase new hosting(SSL Certificates) multiple years a time, coupons expires soon..

gd4914cSave 39% OFF All New SSL Certificates, Expires Soon

cjcrmn33Save 33% OFF All New Orders (Domains, SSL, Hosting…)

cjc30cSave 30% OFF All New Orders , Expires Soon

cjch501GoDaddy 50%* OFF All New WebHosting Plans in 2014.

If you purchase more than 12+ month of hosting, you can get a free domain

cjc1hos1Just $12/yr Economy Web Hosting + 1 Free Domain

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How to use GoDaddy Coupon

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My name is Irene Millan, you can get latest promo code, coupon code and discount code(such as: Namecheap coupon, GoDaddy coupon, Bluehost Coupon...) at this site, to purchase domian, hosting, SSL… with low price online.

Comments (108)

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  1. FS says:

    Any renewal discount codes for .CO domains?

    Thank you for any help!! :)

  2. Slavisa says:

    Instead of renewal hosting with 110$ is it cheaper to purchase new one for about $50 ? On godaddy

  3. Mindaugas says:

    Mistake in the logo (“rnewal”), time to correct :)

  4. HUSSEIN says:

    any coupon for .com renewal please ??
    i need it so much

  5. damien says:

    domain club not good

  6. karthik says:

    Can anyone pls suggest me a cupon code for .com renewal???

    • Irene Millan says:

      Try this acosks65 – Save $10 off for your order of $50 or more.

      If your have more domain to renewal at godadddy, you can join “Discount Domain Club”.

  7. lovecoupon says:

    Used ACOSKS65 and saved $10 on my hosting and domain renewal combined. Thanks for publishing them

  8. Abhishek Sharma says:

    Hey used on 1 july 2014 : hostren20 , 20% off working on deluxe hosting renewal

  9. Miz says:

    don’t want join domain club, so sad godaddy. i finding new registrar and transfer out …

  10. TAimur says:

    Now this is really negative tactics from Godaddy. I got some 50 domains with godaddy and I have always relied on their coupons. Off course renewing them is a necessity but now it will be a case of which ones to renew and which ones to not and look for some registrar with consistent new and renew rates. This really sucks

    • rhj says:

      same boat here – quite the ruse to prepay for your discounts with membership with the club (although you do get the auction membership too)

      if you find a decent registrar to transfer to let us know – post it and will do the same – for me, my actual hosting is done elsewhere, just need the registrar.

  11. Mazahir says:

    I am looking for .com renewal coupen if you can provide me that puts domain @8.49, I have to renew three domains. thanks in advance

    • She says:

      My friend had over 100 domains on GoDaddy–and I have several domains on GoDaddy still. We’re both really unhappy with how Godaddy is doing things now. My friend has transferred domains to NAME.COM. On the NAME.COM homepage there’s a link to $8.49 domain transfer info. I’m going to start transferring to them soon now that I have some renewals coming up. It’s unbelievable that GoDaddy has the gumption to brag about how great they are in the same article that they talk about losing 400,000 domains in a single month. Ridiculous. I’m done with them unless they change their strategy to something reasonable. It seems like they WANT to lose customers.

  12. ariel says:

    Do you have renewal coupon for .ASIA domain?

  13. Shirley says:

    Tried all coupons for renewing domain – NONE works – Why??????

    • Irene Millan says:

      GoDaddy canceled all renewal coupons, you can join the “Discount Domain Club” , The price for .com renewal just $8.29/year.

      • REENIE says:

        That is a cheap shot by GoDaddy. I will NEVER BUY ANOTHER WEB DOMAIN FROM THEM AGAIN. That is just really LOW BROW. Nobody wants to join their club.

        • says:

          Agreed, renewal discounts are far and few between, and it keeps getting worse and worse. There prices went up, and they stopped renewal discounts, so good bye Godaddy, I am starting to shift my domains, over 50, so I will be adding to the 400K they lost last month. The discount club is a joke for most if you do the math, barely a break even and you are paying in advance, total RIPOFF.

  14. SAGBEE says:

    wait does it { GDBBX1705 } comes up with GEO restricted issue ?

  15. SAGBEE says:

    sweet, GDBBX1705 is still working for .com renewal!!

  16. Roy says:

    .TV [gdbbs994] is not working!

  17. Susan says:

    Finally a coupon that worked for renewals. Thanks!!

  18. says:

    Do you have renew domain for .ws


  19. GDcustumer says:

    Thank you.

  20. DD says:

    Anyone know working .biz renewal code?

  21. Craig R Morton says:

    I just used DJOFF20 for a renewal and it worked. Many thanks!

  22. jeni says:

    djoff20 worked for my hosting renewal… thank you!

  23. vignesh says:

    Thank you friend really useful and save my money.

    “wowitsfree” working for 30% off on renewal.

  24. Oso says:

    Tried the GDBXX1026 code for a renewal it says it has expired. Crazy because I tried it the other day and it worked fine, but my laptop shut down and I totally forgot until my phone sent an alert. Are there any other renewal hosting codes available?

  25. CeRBeR says:

    Thanks dude for renew code

  26. ANA says:

    works for .com renew
    thanks for the help!!!

  27. GC says:

    Thanks .

    (GDBXX1026) was very smooth sailing , 17 com/net/ca/org names automatically discounted at checkout . Saved 30% on a $300 order . Sweet !

  28. m.armbrust says:


    I just used the Go Daddy coupon (GDBXX1026). It worked great!
    Funny thing is that I had tried about 20 other coupons and had even called Go Daddy to help me with it. I was on hold for an hour – too! The guy that answered the phone pretended to help me. Lol. He put in some coupon codes and said that they didn’t work and that I’d have to pay full price. He asked if I wanted him to send them through. I said, “Um – no thank you. I’ll take care of that myself.”

    That’s when I stumbled onto this website. I really appreciate you. I belong to some Mastermind Groups. I’ll send them here for coupons – as well.

    Thank you, again.

    • TM says:

      After five hours back and forth with GoDaddy about their bait and switch coupons they send out, this coupon worked great!!! Thanks! You saved me over $30.00!! Awesome.

    • John doe says:

      I did the same. Tried numerous codes but non worked. I emailed them and they did nothing. I called them and spoke to one asshole, then his evil boss and they refused to do anything. Then I found this and it worked straight away.

      The company should be sued for allowing ultra cheap new domains, then raping us customers for renewals.

  29. Akki says:

    Please provide me hosting renewal coupon

    • Irene Millan says:

      The coupon upload today, you can try.

      • Bob says:

        Tried GDBBX1026 for hosting renewal but did not work. It’s mentioned that it will expire on Feb 21 and I am using it on Feb 20. Can you please share some working coupon, I will appreciate.

        • Bob says:

          Please read the coupon code as GDBXX1026 posted in my earlier comment.

        • Irene Millan says:

          Sorry, the coupon “GDBXX1026″ is not working anymore! Now there is no hosting renewal coupon for you. Please pay attention to this page if we have the renewal coupon will be released for the first time.

  30. vijay says:

    Hello Dear friends can you share me .in renewal coupon.

  31. Sai says:

    I Required Godaddy Hosting Plan Renewal Coupn

  32. Irene Millan says:

    Thank you for your comment

  33. dany says:

    Hello. I need a promo code for a domain renewal. biz

  34. carlos says:

    good , works

  35. Reen says:

    Thanks!!! Saved me $30 on my renewal!!

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